Save with our Enhanced Interchange Plus Pricing

Maximize Your Savings with Enhanced Interchange Plus Pricing

Don’t be fooled by the many merchant account providers quoting one low rate for processing credit and debit cards. If you stop and read the fine print you will find out that the quoted rate is only for “Qualified” transactions and that many of the cards you accept will be downgraded and charged a “Mid or Non” qualified rate. These downgrades can add 1% – 4%+ to the flashy “quoted” rate you were shown.

The reality is that the major card brands such as Visa, MasterCard, and Discover have set up a rate table commonly known as “Interchange”. These rates often represent the rock bottom cost to process credit and debit cards. The rates and fees published on the interchange pricing structure can be complex and confusing but are always going to be the lowest rates available to a merchant for a particular transaction. Enhanced has simplified our pricing model, making it completely transparent and allowing our merchants to take advantage of our specialized Interchange Plus Program. This program allows you to eliminate the traditional 3-4 levels of mark-up that accompany Qualified , Mid Qualified, and Non Qualified rate plans and process based on the published interchange level rates.

What this means for you as a merchant

  • Your account pricing will be based according to Interchange Level Fees

  • Your statements will show you the different Visa/MasterCard/Discover fee categories that represent your transactions

  • Transparency and no hidden margins by the processor

  • Eliminates the tiers of markup that traditional pricing has built in. Qualified, Mid, and Non Qualified Rates now are shown according to their interchange category

  • Maximizes the amount you save vs. traditional tiered pricing